About Us

We love nature and if you love something, you want to protect it. EREZ Organic was established in response to chemicals and unsustainable processes used in the manufacture of conventional cosmetics. Our cosmetics and its ingredients are never tested on animals. We test everything on ourselves and because we have sensitive skin, it is a very gentle choice. In addition, my skin suffers from dry spots and pimples, so EREZ cosmetics focuses on solving these problems.

You can find awesome creams, positively colored oils and fresh cut flower waters. Everything natural in organic quality, just the best for you. Our product range is not very extensive, because we think you don't really need much. We hate overcrowded shelves in the bathroom and a packed cosmetic bag that turns into a monster of endless shapes while traveling.

We went through an extensive phase of understanding the needs of people's skin. The secret of beautiful skin is not in the amount of products you apply to it, nor in expensive products with Latin names. The basis of success is regular daily care with quality natural cosmetics, which will bring its value to your skin.

Welcome to the world of EREZ.