• You have probably heard of vitamins A, C and E - and you have probably used them or are currently using them. There is one other vitamin that has major influence on skin regeneration. We are talking about vitamin K, a vitamin that plays an important role in various body functions. View Post
  • We would like to inform you about the updates and here we will go into more detail about tracked shipping prices, big discount and our next new product. View Post
  • Forehead wrinkles can be frustrating and stubborn but nothing to frown upon, and there are several reasons for this. The reasons are many and varied, ranging from minor factors such as pollution, staring at screens and genetics, to the most obvious factor, the reduction of collagen and elastin fibers. View Post
  • Acne is a disease of the hair follicles and must not only occur in the facial area (chest and back). It is not caused by bacteria, which play a major role in its development! Acne occurs when oil glands attached to the hair follicles are stimulated by hormonal changes. View Post