Our Promise


Our mission was always to build a sustainable brand that will always try to use green ingredients and create as little waste as possible. With this in mind we don’t think only about our direct waste but also all that is created by our suppliers, production and consumers. This is why we focus on: 

  • Sourcing local ingredients
  • Short shipping distances
  • Supporting smaller suppliers – ethical sourcing
  • Green packaging
  • Zero animal harm
  • No nasty ingredients

What this basically means is that we try to get ingredients that are naturally grown and exist close to us. In this case this means that we will usually use ingredients that are grown in Europe. We understand the appeal of some ingredients that are “exotic” but if there is a substitute that can be produced close to us, than we will always choose the later.  

This is also connected to lowering our carbon footprint while getting our supplies close as possible, which applies to direct carbon emissions when we produce products that emit very low amounts of carbon and also the indirect carbon emission (transportation, waste and end-of-life product process). This is also one of the reasons why we support smaller suppliers as they usually have a smaller carbon footprint, which is very important for us.  

We will always try to use green packaging or packaging that is 100% recyclable. That’s why we use for most of our products glass as packaging (facial oils, micellar water etc.) as it’s easy to recycle in most countries. Also, glass bottles for example can be reused for other purposes (you can use our 100ml glass bottles as small decorative vases). Other than that, we offer plastic tubes that are also recyclable and we opted for those as they’re best for use in cream application 

We at EREZ Organic believe that there should be zero tolerance needed on animal abuse and that there is no reason to test new products on animals! This is simple not necessary as we don’t use nasty ingredients and will never do! 

This is just a small part on why EREZ Organic was created and we still have a lot of ground to make up and cover in order to help making the world greener. We understand that there are still opportunities to adopt and scale in the most effective way for all of us to reach this goal.