• Acne Treatment Oil 30ml

Acne Treatment Oil 30ml

This Acne Treatment oil is based on Calendula oil, Evening Primrose oil and Milk Thistle oil and is used for helping fighting acne prone skin.

Natural and plant-derived oils have been used by humankind through the ages for nourishment and medicine, as well as for skin and health care.

How to use it?

After cleaning your skin, you can start with nourishing. When your skin is still wet, apply few drops of our Acne Treatment Oil.

Calendula (marigold) is one of the best known and versatile healing herbs and is rich in herbal history, widely used by herbalists throughout the centuries.

Evening primrose oil penetrates down and into the skin, which as a result becomes softer and is less prone to eczema and acne

Thistle oil is an excellent source of Essential Fatty Acids (omega 3 and 6) as they make up 80% of the oil content. Thistle oil is particularly high in omega 6. Good for oily skin, large pores and all skin conditions.

Ingredients: Calendula oil, Evening Primrose oil, Milk Thistle oil, vitamin E, vitamin A, Copaiba resin, Carapa guianensis oil, Acai oil and Rosemary antioxidant
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