As you may notice, the packages recieved from us look different. We just wanted to write a quick update on this. As you may know, our long term goal is to reduce plastic as much as possible. This also applies to postage. Another reason for the change is increased protection. Both version are manually personalised by us for extra flair :)

We have introduced two main packages:

  • ECO -friendly Bubble mailer
  • Protective Lined boxes


ECO-friendly bubble mailer


Eco envelope


Environmentally friendly bubble mailers from carbon-neutral factory - the optimal bubble mailers for us.

The outer paper of the eco bubble envelopes is made from sustainable grass paper. Grass is fast-growing and resource-saving - and what's more, grass paper has a very beautiful surface where you can clearly see the structure of the small pieces of grass.

The inner bubble wrap is partly made of recycled plastic and on the back of the eco-friendly bubble envelopes is a green print that shows that the envelope is CO2 neutral.


Protective Lined boxes 


Shipping box


Are meant to protect our products that come in glass bottles. We have tested all types of boxes and these reduce the possible damage by 99%. Hooray no more broken bottles :)

This two-piece box is made of corrugated cardboard and wrapped foam, which is sturdy cardboard on the outside and soft foam on the inside. The convoluted foam is CFC free and can be easily separated from the cardboard for disposal.