Professional treatments such as microneedling, dermal filler, laser and subsicion surgery can be very useful in reversing the indentations left by acne, scars or wrinkles but you will be happy to know that an inexpensive, all-natural ingredient can also help improve the appearance of those: it's Aloe Vera.


New Mist by EREZ OrganicNew super hydrating Mist by EREZ Organic



Whether oily, dry or sensitive, it works like a charm on every skin type and is a secret to getting spotless skin. Aloe Vera is known as a natural moisturizer. It has hydrating properties and is absorbed into the skin very quickly. Even for oily and acne-prone skin, aloe Vera has proven to be an excellent moisturizer due to its light texture and water content.

Aloe also has phytosterols that help to relieve itching and irritation while providing protection against TEWL (transepidermal water loss). Aloe Vera contains bioactive compounds in the plant, which are rich in vitamins A, B, C, D and E and minerals such as magnesium, potassium and zinc.



Besides soothing sunburn Aloe Vera can be used for:

1.) Fights signs of ageing

When used regularly, it improves the appearance of aged or damaged skin by promoting the growth of new skin cells. As a natural pH balancer, it gives the skin a smoother appearance and removes dead skin to open blocked pores.

2.) Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties – fights acne

Thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, aloe Vera can help keep acne at bay. It prevents the accumulation of bacteria, which is the main cause of pimples and acne, and it also accelerates the healing process.

3.) Soothes the skin 

Aloe Vera has cooling properties that help soothe irritated skin affected by sunburn, rashes, infections, redness and itching. Therefore, it is an excellent ingredient for sensitive skin. In addition, its antifungal properties help to treat inflammatory skin problems such as hot flashes and summer cysts. Aloe Vera is an indispensable ingredient for summer skin care. 

4.) Works against dark circles and puffiness

Great news - you can count on getting rid of dark circles with Aloe Vera. It's packed with antioxidants and vitamin E that help lighten discoloration around the eyes, and the cooling effect helps reduce puffiness.



Aloe Vera is available in various forms, from drinks and gels. You might be asking yourself, which formula is the best for healing acne, scars and wrinkles? There are two methods:  

1.) Applying fresh Aloe Vera

2.) Applying a product containing Aloe Vera and other ingredients

To apply Aloe to the skin, first wash your face and dry it with a clean towel. Then apply a thin layer of Aloe Vera to the affected areas and let it dry for a few minutes before continuing with your usual skin care routine.

While aloe can work well on its own, most people can achieve better results when used within certain products. For acne, it can be used within Azealic or salicylic acid. 

There are studies that show when Aloe Vera was used in conjunction with other hydrosols or retinoid and proved more successful in treating acne and improving skin texture with less irritation than just a hydration product. 


Our love for the benefits of Aloe Vera will be shown in our new product! We have created a super hydrating mist with Aloe Vera, Damascus Rose and Mint. A perfect product to use before the facial oils or serum as it will lock the water and make your skin super hydrated.

More information about the mist in the next blog post!