Fermented product for skin care started as many other trends in South Korea and are based on ingredients that are free of synthetics. This makes the skin care products more absorbable and more appropriate for sensitive skin types. All of this encourages the development of good bacteria which greatly benefit the skin. 

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Fermentation comes from the Latin word fermenare and it means “to leaven, boil or glow.” This is the process in which a substance breaks down into smaller simpler particles. Being more scientific this means a process where carbohydrates and sugars break down and are converted into enzymes and amino acids. This has another great influence on the skin product as it prevents from oxidation and the products remain fresh longer.

It ensures that the products are 100 % natural and decrease toxicity in skin care applications!


The fermentation process breaks down the substances into smaller parts, which enable faster absorption. Normal products usually have ingredients that have bigger molecular size. This does not mean that the skin product is bad and some people prefer slower absorption. But the main benefit of a skin product is its penetration and fermented ingredients offer this at the highest level and at the same being very natural.

Fermentation also leads to growth of amino acids, antioxidants and other organic acids that are very good for your skin. They provide more hydrating and nourishment for your skin.  


Lactic acid is naturally found in milk and is an alpha hydroxy acid. It’s produced by fermentation of sugars and used to exfoliate, lighten dark spots and improve wrinkles. It stays and works the skin on outer layers while it penetrates the dead cells to reveal brighter, more even skin. In addition, it provides moisture to the outer skin layer if it’s applied as a cream product. 

We recommend using lactic acid for users who would like to:

It’s worth to know that lactic acid needs to be used in smaller percentages. Stronger use peels the skin way too much. That’s why at EREZ Organic we use only smaller amounts that enable gentle exfoliating and are perfect for sensitive skin types.