Part two of our new series talks about natural cosmetic and if it’s always better for your health or even better than the conventional cosmetics!?

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It’s important to know that natural cosmetics have actually a stronger effect on the skin. This can be positive or negative and can affect the skin greatly. Consumers are often surprised that their itchy skin, rashes or swollen eyes can be caused by natural cosmetic products. Just because something is natural it doesn’t mean it doesn’t cause side effects.


Here are some of the most common irritating ingredient:

1.) Fragrance

Fragrances have become an essential ingredient in most cosmetic products. Just think about what you do when you first try out a product? That’s right, you open it and smell it. Various areas of the skin can be affected by the fragrance and is usually a sign of dermatitis, contact urticaria and other phototoxic reactions. A fair rule of thumb is this: if you can smell if from a mile away it’s probably going to make you problems. Here it doesn’t matter if its chemical or natural.

2.) Dyes

Another substance that is very popular in natural cosmetic right now is dye. This can be specially a problem when exposed to the sun. Exposure to ultraviolet light (UV) can modify the substances in this was that it can be associated with different skin problems. Repeating this can cause dermatitis and an allergic reaction. Certain oils and essential oils used as a dye have a similar reaction when exposed to the sun.

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3.) Preservatives

This is a substance that can cause allergic reactions but is usually connected to conventional cosmetic products. It’s used to prevent growth of bacteria and fungi, which also cause cosmetic to decay. Preservatives that can cause those reactions are: Formalin, Formaldehyde, parabens and isothiazolinones. All types of those ingredients are common in conventional cosmetics.


For most of people, using natural skin care products is safe and will not cause any problems. Problems are often connected only to those who develop an allergy. People can use a product for years and nothing happens but then one day they’re surprised because they’ve developed an allergic reaction. Specially if their skin is sensitive.


Both have their pros and cons but using something natural or made in a laboratory is totally different. We will leave this to the consumer to decided but we’re strongly convinced Mother Nature is better. That’s why there are ZERO chemical compounds in our cosmetic products.

Important to note here is that different labels guarantee different standards – not all “organic” or “natural” is really guaranteed.

Next time we talk about allergens in Natural Beauty Products!