In this article we would like to give you an update on our future projects and on what we have been working on. We are more than overdue with a new update and here it is.





As you may know, we have begun a process to change our branding. This will be most evident in the new labels we will be introducing for most of our products (with the exception of Micro-needle and Daily Acne Patches).

The new design will be sleeker and smoother, with more durable labels. This was a request from our customers and we listened. We wanted to make these changes earlier but were held up by Covid and, in the end, also by Brexit. All in all, this is almost at the end and the first products should be rolled out with the new design as early as next week.



This took much longer than we wanted, but again we were delayed by circumstances we could not have foreseen. Our Zero Acne Cream should go on sale next week with two big changes. 

The first is the new label design, which you'll see soon. And the second is the packaging. As you may know, we are going to try to get away from plastic completely and the previous packaging was a plastic tube. This time we're going to use a sleek white glass pump dispenser. It is the same product but with a different packaging. We hope you will like it!



Soon you will be able to experience our new mailing packaging. We are saying goodbye to our plastic mailers and will be using special mailing boxes. The main reason is to better protect our products during shipping and eliminate more plastic from our entire process.



We will be introducing new and also updated ones. Our face masks will be getting a makeover and we will be adding a new peel off mask that fights acne while hydrating the skin. Plus they will get a new sustainable package too. We've teased you with some past articles with new products and more details will be coming soon! Stay tuned!