Post-Summer Skin Repair

The end of summer is the perfect time to change your beauty programme for the colder months ahead. When it comes to refreshing your skincare routine for the autumn, it's important to respond to the colder weather with a different approach than in summer.


After summer repair by EREZ Organic


While you may have chosen light clothing and light skin care options for the summer, your skin will respond better in the autumn to richer, more emollient formulations that will moisturise your dehydrated skin after the summer. It's also worth adding a powerhouse serum to improve your game - and remember not to let up on sunscreen.



Consider taking those steps to repair your skin after a long summer:

1. Exfoliate 

From swimming in the pool and a combination of sunscreen and make-up, a truckload of dirt can clog your pores. Exfoliating and cleansing at least once a week or more often will protect your skin from further breakouts and make you feel clean from head to toe. Exfoliating is always important, but it is especially necessary if you are trying to revitalise your skin after a long and sweaty season. 

Try our Fresh Papaya Peeling, which a very gentle exfoliating cream!

2. Moisturize 

We are talking about creams (night/day), creams with SPF, oils, body creams etc. Chlorine, salt water and UV rays all have the potential to dry out your skin, so do not be afraid to change your moisturiser.  

If you have dry to normal skin, you can opt for a light and breathable moisturiser. If your skin needs a little more attention, we can help with our Anti-age Intense serum to reduce the appearance of scarring while retaining moisture and allowing your skin to breathe. Switching to a moisturiser with antioxidant-rich vitamins will help your skin reverse the signs of summer. Do a double act and combine your moisturiser and facial oil. 

3.) Tone

We know that many don't use a toner, but there is a good reason for using one! Even after you have rinsed and cleaned, toning is another way to keep your skin free of impurities and also any cleanser residue.

Our NEW Cleansing oil-control Toner can be used to hydrate, rejuvenate, and refresh your skin. It can also help you whenever your skin feels tired or looks dull.



All these are foundations that need to be mentained during autumn and after summer. Here are some additional steps you can take to improve the results:

- Clean your pores

detox your complexion with a cleansing mask or a clay mask

- Manage new or existing sun damage

newfound freckles, dark spots or an uneven skin tone can be managed by a vitamin C product

- Use sunscreen on a daily basis even though it’s not summer anymore

- Exfoliating your lips that is affected by sun and summer UV rays