Are you still using disposable cotton cosmetic pads? No? Hurray! If yes, you might be interested in our message. If you follow your daily beauty routine, you use around three cotton pads to take makeup off and to properly clean your face. Each year you spend hundreds to thousands of them.

Just few facts:

It takes 10,000 liters of water to produce 1 kilo of cotton 💦 
More chemical pesticides are used for cotton than for any other crop.

Cotton accounts for 16 percent of global insecticide releases. 
Of course, you can buy ones made of organic cotton. That is already a step forward, but on the other hand, is it really necessary to use natural source for something we put in trash every evening?

Much better solution is to buy reusable cotton pads. And even better is to make your own ones! Just take old pajamas, towel, or any thicker soft material and you can start. Cut out squares or circles of preferable size, always in more layers. Sew the layers together around the outer edges. And voilà, you just made your own pads 😄

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You can also make two little bags for washing - one for storing the clean ones and the second to put the used ones before washing.

The concept behind buying the reusable cotton pads over disposable cotton pads is simple that you end up saving time as well as preserve the environment. Most of the people do question that if we use the reusable cotton pads, they will be covered up in last night's makeup along with the germs. But that's not true as you are supposed to wash them. Other recommendations include boiling the reusable cotton pads over the hob to get rid of bacteria.


The reusable cotton pads are available in different brands which varies in the price range. You can buy the ones which are affordable and cost you a cent for each reusable cotton pad. With the disposable cotton pads, if you buy a pack you end up using 4-5 pads for each face cleaning session which costs you a lot. It is therefore advised to buy reusable cotton pads which you can wash again and reuse. If you use the reusable cotton pads delicately and take care so you will end up using these cotton pads for years.

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The disposable cotton pads are made up of several things like polypropylene, polyester, wood pulp, cotton along with the rayon fibers. These materials are not biodegradable and end up piling in our landfills. If these cotton pads are flushed, they might clog your system or end up disposing of in the water treatment plant.

Fortunately, there are regular cotton pads in the market which are eco-friendly and you can easily use them for wiping off makeup. The reusable cotton pads are made up of material which is biodegradable.


The reusable cotton pads are larger in comparison to disposable ones which covers the entire face. They are super soft for the skin when compared to the disposable ones. The reusable cotton pads are thicker so they don’t leak product when compared to the disposable cotton pads.


The reusable cotton pads are skeptical, they work wonders. Most of them come with a convenient laundry bag which allows you to wash them easily. Some cotton pads are shaped in such a way that you can easily remove the highlighters, eyeshadows or mascara in the tightest spots and small crevices. The texture of the reusable cotton pads in very soft and gentle similar to the fur of the teddy bear. The disposable cotton pads cannot be washed and you need to get rid of them after a single use.


The reusable cotton pads are the best alternative to disposable cotton pads. They are cost-effective, you need lesser number of reusable cotton pads than the disposable ones, and the reusable cotton pads are environmentally friendly. It is the best beauty hack which most of the fashion lovers are opting for instead of using the disposable cotton pads.

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