Even if not a single narrow ridge can be seen on your face yet, precautions are also important in younger years. In general, it is neither too early nor ever too late to start whit a so called "pre-rejuvenation cure". In this article we will focus on a simple routine that will suite every skin type


Vitamin C by EREZ Organic


It is better to maintain the health, vitality, elasticity and vibrancy of the skin by minimizing exposure, photo-aging and environmental damage that cause premature signs of aging. A consistent proactive and protective routine provides more benefits in the long run than having to take stronger action when the signs of aging appear.



A simple moisturizing cleaner is a safe thing for practically everyone. In the morning, you can use a gentle cleanser that should be suitable for your skin type. We don't advise to use a strong exfoliator at this point but just something that will brighten your skin.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to use sun protection. Wearing a sunscreen every day not only repels UV damage, but can also help to eliminate the signs of aging. Sunscreens have a preventive effect on the aging process and support the skin's natural repair systems so that they function optimally. We recommend the use of a sunscreen product with at least a broad-spectrum SPF 30.

Use a mist regularly! Especially for people living in dry areas, we recommend using a mist product every day. This is important to protect your skin barrier and restore your skin's hydration. We recommend that you always use a mist / toner / water before applying our facial oils or the new serum.

PS: We will soon release our new mist/toner for daily use and it will be a great extra step in your daily routine.

Use vitamin C in different forms and sizes (serum, cream, diet, etc.). Vitamin C naturally increases collagen production, repairs sun damage and helps to even out the skin tone. This is an excellent basis for wrinkle prevention. This is why we use Sea Buckthorn in our anti-aging products (Face-lifting oil and Anti-age Intense serum) as it contains up to 10x times the amount of Vitamin C than an orange.



Night routine should include a similar cleanser or toner, and we recommend using a clay-based face mask 2-3 times a week and, if possible, hyaluronic acid. This can be followed up with either a facial oil/serum (our new serum) or retinol. The latest is great as it strengthens the collagen in the skin and smoothes fine lines. The problem with Retinol is that it is not the gentlest product available, but it has all the ingredients to minimize pigmentation.

Remember that keeping it simple is better than to overdo it! To prevent degradation and premature aging, you must use the right products. They do not have to be fancy or multi-faceted - just a few basic products will do.

Next time we will talk about what to do for deep, visible wrinkles!