EREZ Organic Acne daily care routine

Here is a daily and weekly run down of acne care that we recommend. This will not only heal acne but fight also pimples, all sorts of blemishes and prevent breakouts. It is based on our personal experience and products that work for us.


These cleanses skin deeply, harmonizes and heals it. What’s special about this mask is that it uses not just natural clay but also Ayurvedic herbs. Main benefit of this masks is that it fights acne and oily skin.

It helps with acne breakouts and removes sebum and oil from the skin. The herbs have a calming effect on inflammations that are caused by breakouts. This also reduces the risk of pimples. 

We recommend using our mask of at least 10 days in a row. The best is to use it twice a day in the morning and before bed. But once per day is also fine if its combined with other healing oils, micellar water or peelings.


Important to note here is that after applying the mask you need to hydrate your skin properly. For this we highly recommend our Acne Treatment oil or Face-lifting oil. This really depends if the goal is to cure acne or treat fine lines.

Erez Organic oils are natural plant based and are never synthetic. They are designed for people with persistent dry, flaky, acne prone or dehydrated skin. This can easily replace your everyday moisturizer and your skin will feel smoother. But note that our skin is complex and not a single product will satisfy all our needs.

Thus, we recommend applying our oils after using the mask on still wet skin. Oil does not hydrate the skin on itself, it locks the moist inside and can penetrate the moist skin much easier. You can use normal water or our micellar water for even more hydration. After the oil soaks in, use a moisturizing cream if necessary, to protect your skin against pollution and UV rays.  


If you’re following all the steps and the breakouts are still not contained than we can recommend acne patches.

Acne patches prevent breakouts. They should be applied as soon as you can spot any new pimple is creating. We usually recommend to use them for at least 2 hours or overnight. But don’t be too shy using them also during day as they’re almost invisible. Acne patches can be applied on any area and are not meant only for face. You can use them on neck, chest, back, behind ear or wherever you find breakouts.

EREZ Organic oils

For cystic acne or bigger painful pimples we recommend Mirco-needle acne patches. They contain micro needles that deliver key ingredients directly under the skin.


After cleansing and hydrating the skin, it is time to put final healing and protective layer. We are happy to present our new Acne Cream. Echinacea extract, Azelaic acid and combination of essential oils have anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects. Almond oil gives the skin all necessary vitamins and nutrients.

More awesome information will be presented in our next blog!