Valentines Day is something special to remind us of love and the affection that we feel for our partner or loved person. This should represent little affection or a daily gesture. That’s why we created a little list ranging from EREZ Organic Rose face mask to chocolate.


There is tons of chocolate brands out there that will make your loved one happy and you can choose from natural, organic, bio… But this year perhaps think about something else. Try to find a chocolate brand that supports a good cause.

Our personal favorite is Cut&Crafted. It’s a newer dark chocolate brand that was created to donate profits to animals in need. Doesn’t that sound good?

EREZ Organic chocolate


What’s better than roses on a Valentines Day? Perhaps a rose face mask made out of natural ingredients, not tested on animals and totally awesome. This mask will send your loved one to seventh heaven. It’s suitable for all skin types, but especially beneficial to dry and sensitive skin.

What does it do? • DETOXIFIES - The clay draws out and removes old skin cells and cleanses pores, deeply detoxifying them. • CLEANSES and EXFOLIATES - With a gentle massage, you can softly clean your face and exfoliate old skin cells, leaving your skin perfectly smooth. • TIGHTENS - Your pores will get smaller, and with regular usage, you can say goodbye to blackheads. • BRIGHTENS - Mask will make your skin look bright and vibrant. • REDUCES WRINKLES - Using the mask supports production of collagen and elastin in your skin, which are the perfect fighters against wrinkles. • HEALS - Because of its antiseptic effects, it is perfect to use when dealing with skin rashes or pimples.

Rose face mask


Perhaps this is a bit subjective but we really like to read. Choosing a good book shows that you can prove you know this person very well. Additionally you can always personalize a book and write a little note to your loved one. This year we recommend My Favorite Things by Maira Kalman. This book is not particularly about being in love or romantic but shares the love for life. Small things like photographs, objects and moments. It’s a homage to little things that matter the most in life.


Forget going out for dinner and instead rather surprise your loved one with a breakfast. Start your day off on a French toast, egg benedict or on a sweet note with pancakes or waffles. Add some coffee and tea and fruits or whatever you know your loved one would like.  Spend the day if possible simply being together and enjoying your uninterrupted time.