Astronomically we just jumped into spring and this means a season full of weather changes and shifts, which require a lot of nourishment. Spring also means that our skin wakes up and it’s in need of instant nourishment. This means you need to adjust your beautify rituals to create a better protection and keep your skin nice and glowing.

Spring by EREZ Organic

One natural ingredient that we like to use is Mountain Arnica flower extract. Arnica Montana flowers contain sesquiterpene lactones, flavonoids, carbonic acid, coumarins and volatile oils, all of which are beneficial for your skin. A sesquiterpene lactone, called helenalin, is the main restorative compound in Arnica Montana, which along with flavonoid, helps soothe and renew the skin after exposure to stress. The antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of this herb help in preventing inflammatory skin disorders. They also accelerate the healing process by stimulating the formation of granular tissues. Perfect for spring!


Suitable for all skin types but invented especially for sensitive skin with any tendency to redness and itching. This is perfect after a cold winter and into the transition of summer. A toner also cleans the skin but it is recommended to use a very gentle one, preferably natural.

 What does it do?

  • CLEANS your pores
  • OPENS your skin to absorb nutrients
  • REFRESHES your face and mind
  • HEALS small blemishes
  • RELAXES your mind and relieves stress


Exfoliating is always a good answer and key to waken up your skin. The problem is that many people use a very harsh exfoliator, which damages the skin. We recommend a gentle approach with plant enzymes, like our Papa Fresh Peeling. This exfoliating cream gently removes dead skin cells. Avoid the skin around the eyes. Apply for 10 minutes and then rinse carefully with water. Contains papaya enzymes, olive oil, allantoin and hyaluronic acid. Don’t forget to use warm water and a soft cloth.

Papaya by EREZ Organic


Now it’s time to move from the heavy creams that are necessary in winter to lighter formulations. It’s the perfect time to let you skin breathe and get all the vitamins from the sun. At the same time don’t forget to protect your skin from UV rays as some say that the sun is more dangerous in spring than in summer. Moisture your skin as much as possible.