Have you ever heard of the magical product- micellar water? It is loved by all beauticians, celebrities and now it’s gaining popularity worldwide due to its fantastic properties. Natural micellar water- a great light-weight option for deep cleansing of the skin. Micellar water is prepared with a combination of water and extracts in such a way that it creates micelles. It is a light, refreshing liquid which can penetrate the dead layer of the skin giving you a refreshing feel.


This form of water is formulated with micelles- tiny particles that are dissolved in water. These micelle particles pick up the excess oil, makeup, grime and dirt from the skin without causing dehydration of the skin. Natural micellar water is prepared from natural ingredients that are rich in nutrients. Micellar water balances the ph. of your skin and keeps your skin hydrated. It serves as a makeup remover, cleanser, moisturizer and eye makeup remover. We can recommend using also a natural Toner, like our Sensitive Neroli Toner. It is an all-in-one solution for women. It is a gentle liquid for sensitive, acne prone and dry skin because the micellar water works well for the skin without causing any irritation.


This light-weight cleanser works well if used twice daily especially before sleeping at night. It helps in removal of makeup and excessive oil from the skin allowing your skin to breathe all night. In order to use natural micellar water, apply it on muslin cloth or cotton pad. Now wipe this cotton pad over your lips, face, eyes, and neck within circular motions to give your face a gentle massage. Micellar water works wells as a primer prior to the application of makeup on the skin making it glow.


It is an all-in-one solution for the skin which is prepared with natural ingredients and especially with waters. In our case those are Melissa flower water and Cucumber extract. Melissa water balances the ph. of the skin, it offers supportive, healing and nourishing effects for the skin. It offers completely supple and smooth skin. It allows the skin to retain moisture, stay soft, smooth with the healthy and moisturized surface.


Micellar water works well for individuals who dislike oil cleansing, facial wipes or cream cleansers. Cleansing with water or facial cleansers alone can cause irritation and dryness on your skin. It makes your skin lose essential oils, whereas water alone is insufficient for dissolving the makeup residues and dead skin cells buildup. It is therefore recommended to use natural micellar water to achieve all the beneficial effects without the use of harsh chemicals. It is a gentle solution to clean your face at the end of the busy day. It easily removes the traces of makeup and does not irritate the eyes, so you can easily use this product without any hesitation to remove eye makeup as well.


It is hundred percent organic and removes makeup, lipstick, mascara, sweat and bad memories of the day. Pump it on a cotton pad (preferably a reusable one) and go around your face. It is made with natural sugar foam, so besides the pleasant smell it has also sweet taste (no more craving candies after ten)

Our Micellar water:

  • Removes dust and sweat from the whole day
  • Removes makeup
  • Removes mascara and eye makeup
  • Removes lipstick

It is made of: · Organic Melissa water

  • Cucumber extract
  • Organic sugar foam
  • Fermented Raddish root