Cosmetics are one of the essential need of women and man. It is essential to have cosmetics but not the ones prepared from harsh chemicals. To achieve a perfectly radiating skin, you can use natural cosmetics instead of conventional ones. Let’s dive in and have a look over the differences between natural and conventional cosmetics:


In natural cosmetics, there is no inclusion of harsh chemicals while conventional cosmetics are prepared only from the use of chemicals. The natural cosmetics do not interact with the inclusion of synthetic chemicals which includes fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, additives or use of radiation in any formulation process. The natural cosmetics do not include parabens, phthalates, preservatives, dyes, fragrances, petrolatum and others.


Natural cosmetics are loaded with powerful, organic stuff. They have amazing skin treating properties. It can treat your severe skin conditions like rosacea to eczema or acne. Switch to organic cosmetics to enjoy the safe ingredients over your skin without any irritation. If you’re having problems with eczema or acne we recommend our EREZ Organic Acne Treatment Oil.


Natural cosmetics are environmental-friendly compared to conventional cosmetic products. The chemical ingredients utilized in conventional cosmetics make use of petroleum-based ingredients along with some chemical reactions in their formulation. These reactions continue even after the product is formulated and cause harmful effects to the environment. These chemical inclusions cause pollution due to their ongoing chemical reactions. It is because of this reason that natural cosmetics are preferred for personal care as they do not pollute the environment.


Chemicals used in conventional cosmetics are poisonous even if utilized in minor amounts (of course not all of them but many). If you are using these conventional cosmetic products on your face thrice daily you can assume the amount of chemicals you are applying over your face. The chemical compounds can result in hormonal imbalances, result in skin cancers or ruin your face skin. It is therefore recommended to avoid the use of conventional cosmetics as much as possible and has thorough knowledge about how conventional and organic cosmetic products are formulated. Start the use of natural cosmetics as they are healthy and safe for your skin. Make sure that the products are certified locally or internationally by the organization who is supporting safe and organic cosmetics. Natural cosmetics are either free from such chemicals or have very less amount of these artificial ingredients.


Conventional cosmetics lack the essential nutrients required by your skin. Natural cosmetic products, on the other hand, are formulated by organic fruits, oils, and vegetables which are rich in nutrients. These nutrients offer highly beneficial effects to your skin. The inclusion of organic ingredients in the natural cosmetics offer moisturizing, anti-oxidant, anti-aging, hydrating and refreshing effects with the inclusion of lots of minerals and vitamins. The use of natural cosmetics keeps you young and refreshing throughout your life. Our EREZ Organic Fresh Papaya Peeling gives you exactly this!


Natural cosmetics introduce you to the whole new world. These cosmetics make a lot of difference to your skin. The use of conventional cosmetics results in skin irritation, acne problems, sensitivity issues, lack of nutrients and premature aging effects. However, with natural cosmetic products, you will avoid such skin issues. It allows your skin to breathe and renew regularly that’s why natural cosmetics are considered better than the conventional ones.