Our skincare brand is best known for producing the products which are free from harmful chemicals. We paid special attention during the formulation of our skincare products that they are free from all the 4ps such as parabens, pegs, paraffin, and perfume.


Paraffin is used in skin care products for softening and moisturizing effect. This tasteless, colorless and odorless wax is lab tested for being hygienically safe but it has the following side effects for skin in the skincare products:

  • Heat rash- paraffin melts below the normal temperature which means that the skin might experience a blistering or burning sensation. You might experience heat rash or prickly heat if your skin is highly sensitive. It forms red and tiny bumps over the neck, face, and others. It results in discomfort and itchiness.
  • Poor circulation- paraffin inclusion in skincare products can result in poor blood circulation. It causes numbness, abnormal sensation and impeded proper circulation especially if you are hypertensive, diabetic or suffering from varicose veins.
  • Skin irritation- paraffin inclusion can result in irritation of skin if your skin is sensitive to chemical products. The paraffin inclusion is also linked to some renal and kidney system cancers.


Parabens are known as the synthetic preservatives for the skin care products. It promotes the survival of skincare products for months to years. Parabens have the ability to mimic hormones and disrupt their functions. Its inclusion has following side effects:

  • Breast cancer- it has the ability to mimic estrogen and result in increased risk of breast cancer.
  • Early puberty- the parabens mimic the hormones and disrupt the normal functions of the endocrine system. It leads to early pubertal phase in girls and boys who are in the adolescent phase. Endocrine disruption results in increased breast development, pubic hair growth and increased testicular growth.
  • Reduces the levels of sperm- the use of parabens in boys leads to the reduction of sperm levels
  • It has been linked in association with cancers, immunotoxicity, and allergies, irritation of lungs, eyes, and skin.


PEG's or polyethylene glycols are the types of compounds which are used as softeners and thickeners in the skincare products. It also enhances the absorption of ingredients in skin care products. It results in the following side effects:

  • It causes the toxicity of different systems
  • It results in enhanced skin aging
  • It reduces the moisture of the skin
  • It also results in skin irritation if applied on the damaged or broken skin


When we talk abut perfume we talk about synthetic ones, which are created in the laboratory. We avoid this 100% but tend to like natural or organic perfume. This is an option that we might introduce in the near future.

The inclusion of synthetic perfume is bad in the skincare products. Perfume or fragrance is a blend of all aromatic extracts which are derived from the synthetic and natural ingredients. This perfume results in:

  • Harmful hormonal effects
  • Skin irritation
  • It can also result in the risk of cancer


It depends on you whether you want the inclusion of such chemicals in the skin care products or not. These ingredients might help the skin care products to work well and increases their shelf life but these ingredients can be harmful to your skin and irritate your skin. Check the label of your products carefully as the skin type varies from one person to another.