Welcome to the world of EREZ

We are very happy to present our new Czech-Slovene brand of handmade cosmetics, made only with the best natural ingredients. All the ingredients are of organic quality under the strict COSMOS standards. You can be sure they were planted and harvested in the most sustainable way:

  • NO pesticides
  • NO GMO
  • NO irradiation
  • NO parabens or silicon
  • NO animal testing
  • YES tested on humans
  • YES organically farmed
  • YES ethical production, safe and sound for human health
  • YES minimal packaging
  • YES vegan

We picked the best our Slavic heritage can offer—our products are based on Mediterranean ingredients such as olive oil, clay, citruses, rosemary, and lavender. Pine and sea buckthorn oil extracts evoke the strength of the northern forests.

We believe it is the same with a cosmetic product as it is with food—it should nurture you inside and out. As everyone knows, skin is just one part of us. If your skin is dry, there are reasons for it. Everything starts at our souls, and that is why we focus on color and aromatherapy. We want you to get certain message when you see our package, read the labeling, enjoy the color and the scent of the product. The yellow Good Morning beauty cream will make you smile every day, even on the cold winter mornings, reminding you of the warm summer sunrise.

We are fans of minimalism, and reducing waste guides our packaging design. You will find glass containers instead of plastic ones. Glass is the best possible material because it can be recycled with almost no loss. And if you like the container, you can just wash it and find another use for it in your home. We don’t sell our products in extra paper boxes. Of course they are nice, and they look better on the store shelves, but honestly, who keeps the box after first opening it? Instead, you can get the whole product range in recyclable paper bags, which you can use for your travels, at home, or as a nice gift.

The most visible thing is our brand design. The bottle should simply tell you what is inside, how and when to use it. But its main purpose is to make you smile and improve your day.

We also try to minimize waste during our production work. Sometimes it happens—there is some mean pixie, and suddenly the final product hasn’t the right smell or consistency. We don’t throw it away then; we make a body scrub or foot treatment for our own use. Well, lately our bodies and feet are very smooth…

Our products are for both men and women. For ladies, you can find tons of different products, but men are seen as the strong rocks who improve with just water and time. We wish it were true, but… If you can even find natural skin-care products for men, the packaging is usually old-fashioned or terribly boring. With ours, you will feel proud that you are using a facial mask and extra-nourishing face oil.